Addition – UltraSatan for the Atari ST

What is UltraSatan?

UltraSatan is a hard disk replacement for Atari ST and other Atari’s with ACSI port. It uses SD and / or MMC cards as a storage, which are hot-pluggable. For more information about the UltraSatan device, please check out the page of UltraSatan’s author here. You can find there some info, photos, videos, etc.

Why the name?

  • The project name is derived from the name of ancestor project – SatanDisk. UltraSatan is superior to SatanDisk and therefore the ultra prefix
  • It has nothing to do with satanism or occultism

Why UltraSatan?

  • For the same reasons as ‘Why SatanDisk?’ (MMC and SD cards are cheap and noise-less, etc.)
  • It has 2 slots for SD/MMC cards, so replaces 2 SatanDisks attached to 1 computer
  • The SD/MMC cards are hot-pluggable, i.e. you don’t need to power off and on the UltraSatan when you change the card
  • Has a battery backed up RTC chip
  • Up to 4 different firmwares can be uploaded from ST without a need for any additional HW (no flash programmer needed for update)
  • It has 1 base (non overwritable) firmware, so even if you screw up the FW update, the device won’t become unusable
  • It’s faster than SatanDisk


  • Connects to ACSI port of Atari ST
  • Supports MMC, SD and SDHC cards – tested with cards from 16 MB to 8 GB and works OK on ST
  • Drivers: ICD PRO (free) and HDDRIVER (commercial) compatible
  • Open-source – free schematics, firmware, sources, so anyone can build it on his own
  • You can change the INQUIRY name of device (the string that shows when hard disk driver shows the currently connected ACSI devices)

You can read more about the UltraSatan here.

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