My blogs search terms. (Bit NSFW)

After reading a blog entry on “Pour Some Gravy On Me“, I decided to delve into the keywords used to find my site.

Here is the top ten keyword search.

Keywords Views
gopher 1,039
retro computers 232
mmbeeb 42
gopher pictures 40
electric dreams tv show 27
retrocomputers 21
rm nimbus 21
commodore 64 20
retro computer 17
picture of a gopher 16

And here is one search term that confused/worried me… Leather Bondage Masks 

On, David mentioned he found the following search terms showing up in his wordpress logs. If I type them here, I wonder if people will stumbe upon my site looking for these ‘things’. 🙂

“emmerdale hardcore anal”,”what does a penis look like” and “gender reassignment gaelic football”

4 thoughts on “My blogs search terms. (Bit NSFW)

  1. I’m happy to say that I’m still linked to “emmerdale hardcore anal” on google.. oh happy day. Although, I’m baffled how I got linked to it in the first place.

    Just looked at my top search terms:

    human penis 770
    penis 472
    bodyguard 272
    geordie jeans 177

    It’s a very cock-centric list.

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