Retro Reunited – Running Order

As well as all the machines to play on, Ubisoft showing off their latest TMNT game, Retro Gamer magazine’s live feature, competitions and loads more, there will be a number of scheduled activities throughout the weekend…

I personally recommend that you see Pixel8’s performance and Prof. Stephen Furber!


11:00 – Show officially opened by Darran Jones – editor of Retro Gamer Magazine

12:00 – The History of Ubisoft with Korina Abbott

13:00 – BBC Gaming QA – (Kenton Price, Jamie Woodhouse and Matthew Atkinson talk about their days programming for Acorn’s classic computer)

14:30 – Archer MacLean interview/QA (legendary programmer responsible for games like Dropzone, IK+ and Jimmy White’s Snooker)

16:00 – Charles Cecil interview/QA (the biggest name in British point and click adventures, responsible for Broken Sword and Beneath a Steel Sky)

17:30 – Jon Ritman interview/QA (Godfather of the isometric adventure with his seminal Head Over Heels)

19:00 – Raffle winners are drawn and competition winners crowned

20:00 – Pixelh8 musical performance (the internationally renowned chip tune musician will play a set of his unique music style)

23:00 – Doors close


11:00 – Doors Open

13:00 – Charity Auction

14:30 – Professor Stephen Furber talks about development of the BBC Microcomputer

17:00 – Doors Close

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