Wakefield ‘09 RISC OS Computer Show – how was it?

I’ve uploaded some photos I took of the event. Take a look at Wakefield RISC OS Show ’09 Photos

It was interesting. Im supprised that RISC OS had such a dedicated following. I was pleased to see a working BBC Doomsday Project system up and running. Its one of 4 known working systems in the UK. Hopefully, after Jason Fitzpatrick from ‘The Centre of Computing History’ spoke to the owner of this doomsday system, he has enough info to try and repair their LV ROM and make it the 5th known working system.

Netsurf also had a display there, showing their multi platform web broser.

We had a lot of interest at the ‘The Centre of Computing History’ stand. Looks like we may get some more donations of machines and documentation.

RISCOScode also has written about the show. Read the article here.

2 thoughts on “Wakefield ‘09 RISC OS Computer Show – how was it?

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