3 new additions.

Sun SparcStation 20
Sun SparcStation 20

3 more machines added to the collection over the weekend.

2 * Sun SparcStation 20s. Single CPUs. Not much RAM. Came with DDS2 tape drive and Sun to PS2/VGA adapter

1 * Atari 520STfm

Both machines are working.  I will probably merge the 2 SparcStation 20s into one upgraded machine. Will then re-install Solaris 9

2 thoughts on “3 new additions.

  1. Congratulations on the new machines, especially the SparcStation. They’re cool machines, especially when hooked up to a terminal instead of a monitor. I still can’t get over how heavy they are though.

  2. Will be on the LAN, so will be using telnet access. Don’t have any terminals anymore. I could use a COM port on the PC…

    They are heavy – about the same weight as my 6 year old son!

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