Dance show for Apple co-founder

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will be among the 13 competitors on the new season of Dancing with the Stars, US television network ABC has announced.

wozThe Strictly Come Dancing spinoff will feature a range of entertainment and sport figures and former competitors from the show.

The roster includes singers Jewel and Belinda Carlisle, rapper Lil’ Kim, and 17-year-old Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Shawn Johnson. The new season will start 9 March. Among the other competitors will be star of MTV’s Jackass Steve-O and former Bond girl Denise Richards.

The list also includes couples; Jewel will be joined by her rodeo champion husband Ty Murray. Two-time champion of the show Julianne Hough will feature alongside her beau, country music singer Chuck Wicks.

Wozniak made his name as the designer of the electronics inside the first Apple computer, joining up with Steve Jobs to form the company in 1976. He ceased full-time employment at the company in 1987 but is still on the payroll.

Source : BBC News

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