Rant 1 – Electric wheelchairs


I got annoyed with a woman in an electric wheelchair again today. I was going into the ‘shopping mecca’ in Peterborough known as Queensgate at lunch today following the said electric wheelchair.

As she went through the door, she decided to just stop. Full whack on the breaks(Do they have breaks??!?!?). As as I was not paying 100% attention (due to my iPhone being on full whack playing some old mid 90s dance ‘anthems’) i walked into the wheelchair. Why did she stop, know one knows. Why did she stop in the door way, non one knows!

If I was to do that in my car, someone would have crashed into the back of me. I think all drivers of these wheelchairs need to do a driving test. Or have special ‘lanes’ in shopping centers.

Did she apologise, did she f**k….


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