My Olivetti M380/C – More info!

Here is a list of the expansion cards in this machine.

  • ME916 4MB RAM Card
  • GO723 – HD/FD Controller ST506RLL
  • GO481 – Paradise VGA PVGA1A
  • Western Digital WD8003EBT Ethernet Card.
  • Siemens ESCC2-Userboard 2 Channel Enhanced Serial Communication Controller – Has a Siemens 80186 CPU on it. PDF

There is one other card in this machine – I guess it is some kind of development board.

P/N 9108002 REV A TMI-110-03  – Some kind of PCMCIA board. Has a MB86301 controller.

The hard disk is about to fail. Its quite noisey, and there are a few bad block on the disk.  I dont think I will be keeping this machine…

Please post any comments about this machine if you have arrived from Google etc, as I would like to know what problems you are having with your machine.

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