Rants – part 2

Here are sone additions to my previous rants.

  • Trucks who overtake other trucks on hills on the motorway. Very common on the A14.
  • People who sit down next to you on a bench and they start to smoke. Do you mind? I dont want your cancer, thanks!
  • Kids changing the channel on your sky box when you want your PVR to record somthing. There is only so much “Tiny Pop” and Cbeebies a man can take!

And here is a rant posted in a comment from Hawk for a previous blog posting.

  • People who drive around with their fog lights on…WHEN IT’s NOT FOGGY! (And they’ll try and convince you that they’re “Driving Lights” ’cause that’s what it says in the manual, BUT THEY’RE FOG LIGHTS!)

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