Time for a rant…

As im not in a particularly good mood today, there are many things bugging me… I just wish Room 101 was real. Here is whats bugging me today. Most of this happened when I went into Peterborough this lunchtime.

  • People who wear jackets in hot weather.
  • People who don’t stop at zebra crossings.
  • Electric wheelchairs who charge at you full pelt expecting you to move.
  • “Would you like a catalog?” people who wonder the city center streets trying to get people to sign up
  • People who stop you to ask you to sign up to donating money to charity. I can barely afford to feed my own family, let alone others!
  • Too many Big Issue people in such a small place. I think Peterborough has more Big Issues sales people per square mile than any other town. Well, except from Cambridge I would guess.
  • Why do Dell send a DVD copy of the server preparation CD when there’s not a DVD-Rom drive in the server.
  • People who forget passwords every other day! You know who you are….
  • People playing music on their mobile phones so everyone can hear. It sounds $hit, so turn it off!
  • Chavs. No explanation needed….

Im sure I can add more rants as the day goes on.


One thought on “Time for a rant…

  1. Let me add to your rants…

    * People who drive around with their fog lights on…WHEN IT’s NOT FOGGY! (And they’ll try and convince you that they’re “Driving Lights” ’cause that’s what it says in the manual, BUT THEY’RE FOG LIGHTS!) (I feel better now 😉

    Btw…like the new VIC-20 PC. 😉

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