CPC6128 + Parados 1.1 ROM

Ive finally finished this small project. Ive made a EPROM with the AMSDOS replacement called Parados. Ive simply burnt the ROM file onto a 27128 EPROM. Ive then remvoed the AMSDOS ROM(40015) from the 6128, installed a socket and droped in the Parados ROM.

The next part of the project is to get a 27C256 EPROM. This would then allow me to have both AMSDOS and Parados on the same EPROM. I attach a switch to the EPROM to allow me to choose which OS is selected when the machine is turned on.

4 thoughts on “CPC6128 + Parados 1.1 ROM

  1. Parados can handle different disk formats. It can read 720k disks in a 3.5″ drive. Also has a RSX (|drive) that allows you to format disks etc without having to boot CPM.

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