Sir Clive Sinclair unimpressed with modern computing

What we have achieved with computing is “rather dull,” Sir Clive Sinclair has told BBC Click.


He explained that he was impressed with the processing power of modern machines, but was disappointed when compared to what was done in the past with a few KB (kilobytes) of ram.

“We fully expected back then we would have computerised doctors and computerised teachers,” he added.

Sir Clive has backed a company which plans to produce a remodeled version of the original ZX Spectrum he launched in 1982.

Full article and video here : Sir Clive Sinclair unimpressed with modern computing.

One thought on “Sir Clive Sinclair unimpressed with modern computing

  1. Agreed, it is very disappointing. Huge resources are there, buried in unfathomable complexity and languages designed to be as over complex as possible. We need Sinclair Research to return, we need a new kind of computer that works with the internet but is not beholden to it (ie. the opposite of the cloud paradigm), that is efficient, open and a joy for anyone to program and use. Time for a new QL?

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