An Open Letter to the Twitterverse

Please help us to build a top class computer museum in Cambridge in the United Kingdom! We have raised £474.24 since this appeal went live earlier today. So far, we have had support from @glinner and @giagia.

Also, 50% of all money raised from my site goes direct to this appeal. So if you can’t donate any paypal funds, you know how to help!

Ah, you’re here … thank you,

If you’re a fellow Twitterer then you’re not here for us to tell you how simply amazing Twitter is as a communication and networking platform.

But it is! and as much as we are a computer museum and understand the technicalities of how it all works, it never fails to astound me that we have this amazing facility and how this was simply not possible just a few years ago!

Through Twitter we have acquired some vital contacts, donations of important artefacts, financial donations and obviously some fantastic publicity.

From a single tweet picked up by @neildavidson we have gained the hugely valued sponsorship of Red Gate Software (@redgate) and ARM (@ARMCommunity)

Visit this page to help us!

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