Apple Macintosh IIci

First new photo of the new year – the Apple Macintosh IIci. This one has a 68030 CPU at 25Mhz, 20Mb of RAM and a 80Mb SCSI hard drive. Its currently running System 7.5.5

Apple Macintosh IIc - About This Macintosh
Oooh, look at all that RAM!

Apple Macintosh IIci

I’ve not managed to get its network card working yet, so this machine is completely blank. The only way I can get software onto it is via a SCSI CD-ROM or Zip drive.

2 thoughts on “Apple Macintosh IIci

  1. If you have a mac serial cable and a slightly newer Mac with a Serial port, you can set up an Appletalk network. I actually managed to install system 7.5.3 over Appletalk on a Mac Classic running 7.0 served by a 9500 running Mac OS 8.6. Slow, but it worked!

  2. How did you get that modern monitor to work with the vintage IIci? I’ve been trying to revive my cousin’s IIci in order to get some files off of it. I bought the DB15-to-VGA adapter and have been trying an old CRT monitor but haven’t been able to find a pin setting that worked. Seems the issue is getting the horizontal and vertical to sync. Outstanding collection, by the way.

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