Vintage Computing Items for the IT Crowd

The Centre for Computing History has again been asked to supply retro computer items for the set of the forth series of The IT Crowd. We have supplied the same set of machines and gadgets as we did for the last series plus some new items …

Curator Jason Fitzpatrick said : “Being a bit of a fan of the show, I thought it was a great chance to be involved and help populate the set with some true computing history. The number one item that I thought just HAD to be there was the Altair 8800 computer – widely considered the first commercial personal computer. Kye Mackintosh-Smith, the set designer for the show agreed and placed the machine carefully behind Moss’s desk – a centre point for the show.”

“They asked for ‘a few feet’ of books and manuals to leave around the set, so I searched though piles and piles of manuals looking visually appealing or highly recognisable ones. I found one particular folder that had neither of these characteristics but did have ‘MOSS’ in big grey letters down the spine. This HAD to be featured surely …”

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