Gadget show live 2010 – the story so far…

Today saw the end of day two of “Gadget Show Live 2010” at the NEC in Birmingham. And what a manic 2 days it has been so far!

I’m volunteering for The Centre for Computing History who are a computer museum based in Haverhill, Suffolk. Haverhill is just 30 minutes south of Cambridge. We were approached again this year by the organisers to put on the “Gadget hall of fame” display.

We have several interactive exhibits on display including…

  • Acorn BBC Model B
  • Amstrad CPC464
  • Commodore 64
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum
  • Yamaha CS-5

The Spectrum has been on of the most popular exhibits so far. We are using the DivIDE device to allow instant game loading from a compact flash memory card. The BBC has also been popular. We are using a MMBEEB device to load games from a SD card.

I’ve not really had a chance to have a proper look at the rest of the displays at the show. As we are opposite the Elonex stand, I’ve seen a lot of what new gadgets they have to offer including the £99 laptop. They have kindly donated one of these laptops and its on display with our other machines in the “Computing gets Personal” display.

We have not had a visit from Jason, Suzy, Ortis or John yet which is a little dissapointing, but they have 3 more days to make up for it.

If you are planning to come to the show this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, make sure you come over and say hi!

5 thoughts on “Gadget show live 2010 – the story so far…

  1. Well, popped along on Friday and spent quite a while looking around the various stalls and obviously quite a long time chatting to Andy, Jason and Dave.
    What an impressive stall you had guys. I had a great trip down memory lane.
    Shame we had to leave before I got too involved in ‘Head Over Heels’ on the Spectrum!

    Me & my mate also saw the live show which was impressive, but felt like it was only 10 minutes long (despite actually being an hour long) ….. will definitely come to this again.

  2. Thanks Andy for your help on the stand over the past week at the show and your continued help at the museum. It is REALLY appreciated and has made a great deal of difference. We’ve had some great feedback on the event and I am sure, as we gain more volunteers and more momentum the museum will move from strength to strength ….

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