Retrogaming Times Monthly – March 2010

The March 2010 edition of the Retrogaming Times Monthly has been published.

Welcome to Spring everyone! Even though it does not feel like Spring at the moment, with snow falling all around me, I have faith that it will get here sometime before the end of the month (at least I hope!). Anyway, this month we have a HUGE surprise, and I mean HUGE. Remember back in the early days of Retrogaming Times when there was a column called “The Many Faces Of…” which was originally written by Tom Zjaba himself (upon getting the idea from future columnist Doug Saxon)? Doug Saxon eventually picked up the column before Alan Hewston made it his own and added his personal touch to what was then already the most popular column in the magazine. Anyway, the reason I bring up this historical tidbit is because the column is officially back and in business! This is after I got countless e-mails asking for it to return as well as seeing posts on on-line message boards saying that RTM was not the same without “The Many Faces Of…” It was hard finding someone that would be able to step in and fill Alan Hewston’s shoes, but Sal Esquivel seems to be up to the challenge. He has a massive classic gaming collection and will be working with Alan himself to make sure each “Many Faces Of…” lives up to its name. Even though Sal is now at the helm of the main Retrogaming Times Monthly column instead of Alan Hewston, it should prove to be just as good if not better than it was in days past.

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