New additions – Sinclair ZX81 & Tandy WP-2

Picked up two new machines yesterday. They are…

  • Sinclair ZX81
  • Tandy WP-2

The following quotes are taken from

The tandy is still sought after by writers and students, the Tandy WP-2 and Tandy WP-3 are perfect writing companions. Used to take notes, prepare reports and write letters, these WP systems are technically real computers based on a Zilog Z80 processor. The WP-2 is essentially a Tandy-branded version of a Citizen portable wordprocessor called the CBM-10WP.

The Sinclair ZX 81 was the successor of the ZX 80, and can be regarded as an evolution of it.

The ZX80 could not handle floating point numbers or cassette data files, but the ZX-81 could. The ZX-80 had 4k ROM : the ZX-81 had 8K ROM with 30 additional functions and some instructions to drive the printer. Thanks to a higher level of integrations (the total number of chips in the basic system was 4, against the ZX80’s 21), the ZX-81 cost £30 less than the ZX-80. The plastic case was also different. Whereas the ZX-80 looked cheap in it lightweight white case, the ZX-81 was beautifully designed in its black ABS plastic case.

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