Server upgrade

This server has had a hardware and software upgrade tonight. New spec as follows…

  • CPU = Pentium 4 1.8Ghz
  • RAM = 1GB
  • Disk = 1 * 250Gb IDE, 2* 120Gb IDE (RAID 0 Array)
  • ITE 8212 ATA RAID Card (Not working with RAID under Ubuntu Server 8.04)
  • Onboard VGA
  • DVD drive

All of the old SCSI stuff has been removed, and 3 new IDE hard disks installed.

Ive also replaced Debian with Ubuntu Server 8.04. Not for any real reason, apart from a change! However, it looks like there is no support for my ITE IT8212 IDE Raid card in the kernel. I will look for a fix, but If i cant find one, I may have to change distro! (May have to go to Windows Server LOL!)

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