Computer Museum on Anglia ITV News

Haverhill’s new Centre for Computing History is continuing to make waves across the region. Following a double page feature in today’s East Anglian Daily Times (Page 22), the Centre has now received a visit from the Anglia ITV News Team.

Anglia TV presenter Stuart Leithes interviewed CCH Committee member Jason Fitzpatrick for tonight’s news programme. Stuart was fascinated by many of the vintage machines on display and couldn’t resist playing Space Invaders on the Atari 2600. He even enjoyed a game of Pong with Jason. These and many other key exhibits will be shown in tonight’s screening.
The Centre will also be featured in a documentary due to be shown later this year. Made by Raw Television for The History Channel and Channel 5, the documentary focuses on the computer game Elite and will be part of a series based around great British inventions. Media star, Peter Snow will be presenting the series and was involved in filming at the The Centre for Computing History February 2008.
View the video here!

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